CFDF Information

CFDF Information

Why You are to Attend CFDF



1. China Food and Drinks Fair (CFDF) is a fruitful platform connecting production and marketing enterprises in the food and drinks sector in China. In addition to those invited by CFDF organizers and exhibitors, tens of thousands of professional visitors attend each session of the Fair spontaneously, and they select products, conduct business negotiations and place orders. The Fair thus can be deemed as a great unmissable opportunity for production and trade enterprises to complete their annual sales tasks.

2. China Food and Drinks Fair (CFDF) is a preferable platform for Chinese food and drinks firms to establish and improve their own marketing systems. There is a large number of professional purchasers at the Fair who represent the whole sector and a full set of channels. When it comes to expanding either national or regional markets, the Fair can help exhibitors to rapidly network with new partners, and set up and develop their own marketing systems.

3. China Food and Drinks Fair (CFDF) is an ideal platform for insiders of the food and drinks sector to learn from each other and exchange ideas, notions and experience with each other. Nearly 3,000 domestic and overseas firms attend the Fair each year, exhibiting tens of thousands of existing and newly launched products at the same venue. Each session of the Fair also includes dozens of events at different levels, of different sizes and involving different fields, which allow insiders to share their thoughts and practices.

4. China Food and Drinks Fair (CFDF) is an authoritative platform for information release in the food and drinks sector in China. In addition to the information about government policies, industry guidance and market situation, the exhibitors` information is intensively released, making the Fair an uncommon place for the food and drinks firms to collect and analyze information and to research and reckon the industry`s developmental direction.

5. The CFDF is a commanding height of China`s wines and food firms and their brand promotion and communication. CFDF not only has a great number of firms come together and also entails swarms of professional and public media. The participating firms and their brand promotion and communication is boosted to a great extent at the Fair.

6. The CFDF is a distinctly effective platform of investment and financing cooperation for China`s wines and food industry. Alarge number of investment firms and fund companies take active part in each session of CFDF to seek cooperation with firms of the industry through investment symposiums and many other approaches and modes so that they may find opportunities for business development. Therefore, the participating exhibitors may obtain more opportunities in terms of financing, merger and collaboration with local governments.



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